1. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper who in his/her opinion is a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or who appears to have rejected the reasonable controls of the camp. The parent/guardian certifies that the applicant camper is normal in condition and habits and is amenable to necessary discipline. Failure to disclose problems at time of application could result in dismissal.
  2. The parents/guardians submitting this form are those having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to the camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.
  3. I, the parent or guardian of the named participant on this form, release United Baptist Green Hill Lake Camp Inc., its trustees, directors, corporation members, staff and agents from any loss, personal injury, accident, misfortune or damage to the named participant on this form or his/her property, with the understanding that reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the health and safety of the named camper on this form.
  4. Each camper must be covered by NB Medicare or equivalent medical insurance. The signature or digital signature of the parent/guardian on the application shall give the Camp Director the right to arrange for any special services or other requirements necessary for the best interest of the camper and shall give the Camp Director the right to approve and obtain medical attention necessary for the camper’s welfare and good health including ordering injection, anaesthesia or surgery. In such situation the camp will attempt to notify the parents as soon as possible. The parents/guardians are responsible for any additional expense that may result from such services.
  5. I agree to permit reasonable use of photos and videos or other pictures of applicant camper in promoting the camp or camp activities and programs.
  6. I agree that the information collected will only be used by Green Hill Lake Camp for the specific purpose of providing your child with a memorable camp experience. In order to do so, Green Hill Lake Camp may need to share sensitive information, including it’s staff, and appropriate medical personnel.
  7. Payment in full is due no later than the start of all camp programs. In order to do so, Green Hill Lake Camp may charge a credit card on file up to 5 business days prior to the start of a program date. Guests can opt out of this automatic payment at any time.