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Camp Dragonfly

A special overnight camp experience for children and youth living with type 1 diabetes.

That’s why we have joined as part of a community that offers a program to chronically ill children living with type 1 diabetes who otherwise would not be able to participate in an overnight camp program. Partnered with a top-notch medical team and an incredible group of volunteers, Green Hill brings our almost 60 years of camping experience to the table to ensure that kids have a safe, fun, and memorable experience!

At Green Hill we believe that every kid is a camper.

Important Details

When: July 14 – 19, 2019
Where: Green Hill Lake Camp
Cost: Camper families will be able to choose how much to pay – whether the full fee of $650.00 through to a special subizided rate of $385.00.
Who: Children with diabetes aged 7 – 14, Male and Female.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program different than other camps?2019-01-31T10:51:54-04:00

It is unique in three ways:
1.) In this camping community, type 1 diabetes brings kids together instead of making them stand out! Everyone is attuned to the unique challenges and ready to provide these campers with the best week of their summer.
2.) The program is intentionally designed for children living with diabetes with more breaks for snacks, blood glucose checks and insulin management to ensure that everyone is well.
3.) We have rounded up one of the best medical teams to be found in the country to support campers and provide educational opportunities. Not only will guests be provided with the opportunity to take on new challenges at the archery range or in a canoe, but also to be a champion in their health.

Is this a religious program?2019-01-31T10:54:04-04:00

Core to the identity of Green Hill Lake Camp is it’s faith programming – however in this program, we are more of a host facility than it being a traditional GHLC program. For this specific group of guests we have adopted a non-denominational posture to ensure that a religious preference (or lack there of) does not prohibit any guest from attending. Specifically, this means that while every camper and staff member will be free to express and practice their faith traditions, there will be no compulsory religious teaching time. There will be an optional chapel time each day as well as an on-site chaplain to provide services if any participant or staff member wants to talk about some of the “bigger questions of life” but that will be a resource available (in communication with parents) not an expected part of the program.

How do meals work?2019-01-31T10:54:41-04:00

From orders placed to portions plated, a dietitian is integrally connected to the food service team to ensure that not only will food be delicious but also fulfilling the needs of campers. Additional dietary concerns (sensitivities, restrictions, intolerances, or moral preferences) will be taken into account to ensure everyone gets a great meal, every time that delivers the balanced, healthy eating the campers need.

Sample Schedule

7:15 AM Wake Up and Get Going
7:30 AM Blood Glucose Checks
8:00 AM Breakfast + Insulin
8:45 AM Cabin Clean Up
9:15 AM Activities (Archery, Canoeing, Swimming, etc.)
10:15 AM Snack Time
10:30 AM Activities
11:30 AM Blood Gluclose Checks
12:00 PM Lunch + Insulin
1:00 PM Rest Time
2:00 PM More Activities
3:00 PM Snack
3:30 PM More Activities
4:30 PM Blood Glucose Checks & Get Ready for Supper!
5:00 PM Supper + Insulin
6:30 PM Big Games
7:30 PM Flag Lowering & Blood Glucose Checks
8:00 PM Snack
8:30 PM Campfire
9:15 PM Brush and Flush
9:30 PM Lights Out
Throughout the night Blood Glucose Checks will be performed.

(subject to change – for illustrative purposes only)



Did you know?

…the cost of running a camp for children living with type 1 diabetes is significantly higher than that of a traditional program?

…the camp dragonfly program offers an extensive subsidy program where qualifying families can choose to pay whatever they can afford?

…there is no pool of “government money” or pot of gold that pays for this program – instead it is fully funded by our fundraising community?

…the total need for fundraising exceeds $40,000 every single year?

…all qualifying gifts from individuals will receive a tax receipt?

Would you consider being a part of the solution?

Looking for more information? Head over to our FAQ page or contact us!