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40 Greenhill Lake Road Greenhill Lake New Brunswick E6E 1E7 Canada
Email: info@greenhilllakecamp.com

Phone: 506-463-CAMP (2267)

Fax: 506-463-0017

Mobile: 1-888-GHL-N-YOU (445-6968)

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Some Tips: 

  • For each email a camper receives, they will be charged 25¢ on their tuck bill. Camper mail is delivered once a day, so while your camper may love getting lots of mail, sending multiple messages each day loses it’s impact when it is delivered once daily at mail call.

  • We appreciate your enthusiasm, but please no advance emails for campers. Camper emails are delivered Monday thru Thursday of their week at camp.

  • Stay Positive! Comments like “We are having a great time, and we hope you are too! We will see you soon.” are encouraging for kids. Thoughts such as “We miss you and can’t wait for you to come home.” can stir up confusing emotions.

  • This is a poor venue for confidential or bad news. If a sensitive topic (e.g. medical concerns, death of a family member or pet, etc.) needs to be relayed to your camper, please call our office and we can help communicate that to your camper with the sensitivity it deserves.

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