Looking for more information? Want to know what you should pack? Interested in our policies? Check out our frequently asked questions and if you still can’t find what you are looking for contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Drop Off & Pick Up Times2023-06-27T13:47:07-03:00

Drop off for camp programs starting on Sunday will take place between 3 PM and 4 PM. All other days, drop off will take place at 4 PM. Parents are asked not to arrive with their camper before the noted time in their pre-camp letter. All programs officially conclude at 4 PM. If a camper is being picked up before 4:00 PM on the last day of camp, parents are asked to contact the office no later than noon on the last day of camp.

Whats On the Menu?2018-05-01T13:29:50-03:00

Our trained, certified staff can’t wait to serve up a delicious meal for our campers! Many parents are concerned that their kids aren’t going to like camp food, we understand. Rest assured, at Green Hill Lake Camp, your child will have a meal that abides by the following principles:

    • It will be delicious. A little extra care and a lot of fun go into our food at the Lake. We’re confident that your camper will love what we are serving up. We will make sure that even the pickest of eaters leave happy and full.
  • It will be nutritous. All of our meals are planned and prepared in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide to ensure your camper stays happy and healthy all week long. Every meal will have some selection including fresh veggies, and there is always some fresh and local produce available for a snack.
  • It will be prepared properly. Our Food Services Manager and assistant cook are both certified in safe food handing practices. Both bring years of professional food preparation to the table.
  • It will keep your camper’s dietary needs in mind. All of our meals are prepared and served in a nut-free facility*, and we will do everything we can to ensure that all of our guests enjoy their meals, including those who have sensitivities and restrictions to things like gluten, lactose, food dyes, etc. If you have any doubts, feel free to call our office!

Here’s a sampling of what a menu contains:


– Pancakes, Sausages, & Fresh Fruit
– Ham Egg & Cheese McMuffins, Hashbrowns, & Fresh Fruit
– Cereal, Fresh Baked Muffins, & Fruit

– Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Soup and Salad
– Tacos
– Load up your own sandwiches!

– Meatballs, Rice, & Egg Rolls
– Lasagna, Ceaser Salad, & Garlic Bread
– Pizza!

*Green Hill Lake Camp strives to be a 100% nut free facility – meaning all of our meals are prepared with ingredients that contain no nuts and are from nut free facilities. This includes nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc., and all tree nuts including coconuts. All guests are asked to leave any snacks that may contain nuts, traces of nuts, or are processed in facilities that may contain nuts at home.

What Should My Camper Pack?2023-06-27T13:48:02-03:00

Download our  Survival-Kit to give you a clear list of things to pack! As well, every camper should bring a mask for their safety and the safety of others.

Please Leave at Home:

all electronic games, players, entertainment and communication devices; jack knives; collector cards; valuable jewelry, or other expensive items.

Camp T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc.

will be available for purchase during registration on your “arrival day” and from our canteen on “departure day”.

Lost & Found

Campers must take good care of their things, as neither Green Hill Lake Camp nor its staff can be responsible for breakage, theft, or loss of any items. Items that do end up in our Lost & Found will be laundered and set aside for a limited time.

What is Your Fine Print?2018-10-10T14:48:45-03:00
  1. The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper who in his/her opinion is a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or who appears to have rejected the reasonable controls of the camp. The parent/guardian certifies that the applicant camper is normal in condition and habits and is amenable to necessary discipline. Failure to disclose problems at time of application could result in dismissal.
  2. The parents/guardians submitting this form are those having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to the camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.
  3. I, the parent or guardian of the named participant on this form, release United Baptist Green Hill Lake Camp Inc., its trustees, directors, corporation members, staff and agents from any loss, personal injury, accident, misfortune or damage to the named participant on this form or his/her property, with the understanding that reasonable precautions shall be taken to ensure the health and safety of the named camper on this form.
  4. Each camper must be covered by NB Medicare or equivalent medical insurance. The signature or digital signature of the parent/guardian on the application shall give the Camp Director the right to arrange for any special services or other requirements necessary for the best interest of the camper and shall give the Camp Director the right to approve and obtain medical attention necessary for the camper’s welfare and good health including ordering injection, anaesthesia or surgery. In such situation the camp will attempt to notify the parents as soon as possible. The parents/guardians are responsible for any additional expense that may result from such services.
  5. I agree to permit reasonable use of photos and videos or other pictures of applicant camper in promoting the camp or camp activities and programs.
  6. I agree that the information collected will only be used by Green Hill Lake Camp for the specific purpose of providing your child with a memorable camp experience. In order to do so, Green Hill Lake Camp may need to share sensitive information, including it’s staff, and appropriate medical personnel.
  7. Payment in full is due no later than the start of all camp programs. In order to do so, Green Hill Lake Camp may charge a credit card on file up to 5 business days prior to the start of a program date. Guests can opt out of this automatic payment at any time.
What are accommodations like?2018-05-01T13:16:06-03:00

Campers will stay in cabins nestled together and overlooking Greenhill Lake, or amongst the trees in our new section. All of our cabins have electricity; some are equipped with bathrooms/showers. Cabins not equipped with a bathroom have easy access to washrooms which are centrally located, including hot water and showers. Campers are encouraged to bring flashlights.

Signing Your Camper Out2018-05-01T15:11:27-03:00

PERMISSION TO LEAVE CAMP: Since campers have been entrusted into the care of Green Hill Lake Camp, all campers must be signed out at their cabin (by their Sr. Cabin-leader). No camper is permitted to leave camp on Closing Day, or for any reason, with friends or other family members, without written permission of parent or guardian.

IMPORTANT! NOTICE TO PARENTS & GUARDIANS: If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is picking a camper up, then prior written permission must be given to the camp office.

Privacy Policy2018-05-01T13:45:14-03:00

We respect the privacy of personal information that is submitted to us and voluntarily adhere to the CSA Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information. This means that we collect the information only for the purposes of this ministry, we disclose it to others only as required, and we are committed to protecting the information to the best of our ability. We assume that your submission of a registration represents your consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information for the purposes listed in our Privacy Policy. View the full copy of our Privacy Policy. We respect your right to withdraw consent at any time, though this will limit our ability to serve you in the future.

Lost and Found2018-05-01T15:10:18-03:00

All lost and found items are displayed multiple times during the week for the campers to claim. All unclaimed items (with the exception of socks & underwear) are washed and stored until the end of September, at which time we donate them to a local charity. Please call the office if you have lost an item and we will attempt to locate it and return it to you.

Is There Financial Assistance?2024-02-09T16:26:41-04:00

1) Payment Plans:

We are happy to work with you to establish a plan to pay your camper’s balance. Contact our office and we can find a solution that works for you.

2) Discounts:

GHLC has a number of discounts to help make the cost of camp more affordable. These discounts are available directly on the paper registration form.  We have the following available:

  • Family Discounts

$50.00 off of the second and subsequent guests from the same family for any full week camp.

  • Multi Week Discounts

Add a second week to your camper’s full-week experience for only $225.00.

3) Camper Scholarships:

For some families, the cost of camp is just “too much” each year. Through fundrasing and the generous support of donors who want to see no camper turned away for financial reasons, GHLC has a scholarship program available to help mitigate the cost of camp. The scholarship application form is Adobe Readeravailable here. (Please note: this will need to be filled out and mailed in to the camp along with a registration form.)

Is There an HST Charge?2022-02-22T09:28:37-04:00

As of January 1, 2007, Green Hill Lake Camp is now required to charge HST (currently at 15%) on all fees for summer camps, retreats, and rental groups. Please note the fee for the camp or retreat, and then add the HST to determine the total cost.

Inappropriate Behaviour2018-05-01T16:17:24-03:00

Green Hill Lake Camp reserves the right to send campers home for inappropriate behaviour at the parent(s) or guardian(s) cost, and without refund. The safety and security of our guests is always of the highest priority.

What the Camper Should Know Before Arriving

  1. Green Hill Lake is a smoke free facility. Smoking by anyone is prohibited.
  2. Green Hill Lake is an allergy aware facility. Please do not bring any products with nuts or that may contain nuts.
  3. Green Hill Lake does not permit campers to bring: cell phones, music playing devices of any kind or hand held gaming devices, jack knives, collector cards, valuable jewelry, or other expensive items.

Behavioural Expectations

Campers are expected to treat one another respectfully (no put downs or rough horse play). Green Hill Lake strives to resolve behavioural problems with campers promptly and effectively but reserves the right to dismiss a camper for behavioural problems at the discretion of the Directors. No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action. Parents will be responsible for the removal of the camper due to dismissal.

How does your pricing work?2024-02-09T16:25:20-04:00

We are excited for the coming summer season of camp. 

As we reviewed the costs from the previous summer, we calculated that the cost for each child to come to camp was over $700.  As a nonprofit charity it is our mission to have as many campers come to camp as possible and we work to keep the price accessible for all. We have moved to a pricing approach that has been adopted by many camping organizations across North America. We are making the option available to pay various levels of the actual cost of a week of camp.

For our week long programs, there are three price options:

  • $689 per camper – this price represents most of the full cost of a camper and no fundraising is necessary.
  • $549 per camper – this price represents 80% of the full cost of a camper.
  • $445 per camper – this is our standard price, about 65% of the actual cost per camper.

For our “Mini Camps” (two nights over three days), there are three price options:

  • $289 per camper – this price represents most of the full cost of a camper.
  • $229 per camper – this price represents 80% of the total cost of a camper.
  • $189 per camper – this is our standard price, about 65% of the total cost of a camper.

This pricing is completely self-selected by families as they register and there is no differentiation, attention or preference given based on the price paid. Only our administrative staff will be aware of who pays what, and that is only for the purposes of ensuring all accounts are in good standing. There will be absolutely zero change to a camper’s experience based upon what they pay. There never has been at Green Hill Lake Camp, and there never will be.

In the event that these subsidized prices are still too much we have a camper scholarship program. the application form is accessible here

What does paying a full cost or less subsidized price accomplish?  Every dollar of subsidized camper fees is offset by donations. In a typical year Green Hill, as a charity, needs to raise about $360,000 to cover total operational costs of running camp. Instead of paying for things like insurance and power bills, that money will be used for critical camp facility improvements, fantastic program equipment, and ensuring that every guest has an incredible experience.

As stated above, our goal is that every camper is able to come for a price that works for each family and we will continue to raise funds to ensure that Green Hill is growing as a camp.  If you are in a position to donate you can find more about supporting our mission.

We are as excited for summer as your kids.
We can’t wait for the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

How Do I Communicate with my Child?2018-05-01T13:19:06-03:00

Head to our Contact Us page for more information.

Health and Safety2018-05-01T13:32:47-03:00

The health and safety of all our guests is of upmost importance. On-site health care staff includes at least one 24-hour on-call qualified medical staff, who serves from a well-stocked on-site health cabin. In addition, all summer staff are trained in Standard First Aid by St. John Ambulance.

Forms: Please fill out the Medical Information section part of the Registration Form. Please complete this carefully – be sure to include the Medicare # and Expiration Date. Need more space? Please attach a separate piece of paper with additional information for the care of your child while at camp. If there are any changes in the camper’s medical condition after you complete this form, you are responsible to inform the office, in writing, of these changes. Medications: All medications must be handed in on arrival day. Campers may not keep any medications in the cabin. Some allowances are made for puffers and epipens.

Insurance: Parents are to provide medical insurance if their child is not covered by a provincial medical plan. Parents are responsible for any cost incurred not covered by insurance, or their provincial health plan, e.g. medications etc. The regional hospital (in Fredericton) is located within 45 minutes of Greenhill Lake. Staff are chosen after a rigorous application and screening process (including a Criminal Record Check), and pre-summer staff training is provided.

National Lifeguard Service (N.L.S.) certified lifeguards provide a safe environment for all GHLC waterfront and pool activities. Green Hill Lake Camp is accredited by the NB Camping Association. If you are planning to be away from home during your child’s stay at the Lake, please make sure our office has clear information about how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Important Health Notes

Medication: To ensure the best possible experience for all concerned, children must maintain their normal medication patterns while at camp or, if changing, must have any medication affecting behaviour adjusted by their physician and in effect at least 4 weeks prior to coming to camp.

Please remember, when bringing any prescription medications to camp they MUST be in their original labeled container. OR you may wish to go to your local pharmacy and have your camper’s medications placed in an appropriate blister-pak.

Do You Have a Refund Policy?2018-05-01T13:46:30-03:00

More than 3 weeks before camp (2 weeks for retreats), all but $50 is fully refundable ($25 for T.E.A.M., and other retreats). Less than 3 weeks before camp (2 weeks for retreats), 50% is refundable unless written explanation from a doctor is received, in which case the deposit is the only non-refundable amount. Substitutes are not permitted. There is no refund once camp starts. There is no fee adjustment if a guest arrives late or leaves early. In case of withdrawal from camp on physicians orders, refund will be made for remainder of camp. Green Hill Lake reserves the right to cancel any program or activity due to a lack of participants.

Do You Have a Camp Store/Tuck?2018-05-01T13:51:36-03:00

We call our camp store the tuck shop. Each morning the campers have an opportunity to order snack products from our tuck shop which will be delivered to their cabin after lunch. It is also open daily for campers to buy souvenirs and clothing. For security sake, campers are not permitted to keep money in their cabin. All camp store money is deposited into a debit account for the campers so they don’t have to handle cash. Any remaining money at the end of the campers stay is returned. We recommend $15 – $20 per week for snacks (souvenirs and clothing extra). Camp memorabilia & clothing ranges in price from $3 – $40.

Can I request a cabin mate for my child?2018-05-01T13:17:12-03:00

We will seek to honour cabin mate requests as follows: campers must be eligible to be in the same camp event, ages typically are not more than 12 months apart, and the request must be made by both people and it must be made at least two weeks before camp. Note that this is optional and that many campers do not make requests. We seek to honour your requests, and to place similar age groups together. Please call 506.463.2267 if you have any questions.

Camper & Staff Photo2020-06-04T09:54:35-03:00

During the beginning of each week we round everyone up and a group picture is taken. This 8″ x 10″ colour photo is beautifully printed and makes a great keepsake. This keepsake is included as a free part of every registration.

Please note, if for some extenuating reason, a camper is not able to participate in the photo (custody issues, etc.) please contact our office – 506-463-CAMP and we will work with you!

Allergy Policy2018-05-01T13:50:16-03:00

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